Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Czechoslovak Independence Day in 2015

October 28th is a public holiday in Czech Republic. Rather, it's an Independence day. On October 28th in 1918 Czechoslovakia declared its independence against Austro-Hungarian Empire.

In Olomouc, starting at 17:40 there was a military procession leaving from Horní náměstí and headed for Žižkově náměstí where the ceremony took place. 

This is my 3rd time taking photos of military procession. Until last year female soldier has been in the very front and leading the procession, however, this is not the case this year...

In 2013, there were cheer girls in the procession but all I could see was male soldiers this year...  

That's how it was in 2013

Something happened??? Rules changed???

Happy Independence Day!

To be continued...


  1. Yoshiさん すっかりご無沙汰しています。
    グリーンのベレー帽の被り方もさまになり、脇を固める方々のダブル ロング丈の防寒服も かっこいいです。 
    かなり寒そうですね。 2013年に開催された際は、綺麗な女性が先頭で、ショートパンツの女性が続くという隊列。

    私は たった数日間のフランス旅行でしたが かなり人疲れしました。 

  2. A serious and solemn looking occasion. I really like the third photo, the lighting is great :) x


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