Monday, August 19, 2013

A Visit to Moravian Karst Part Two

This is a part two entry of our Moravian Karst trip. For those who missed part one entry, here is the link.

Since underground rivers run through karst, the tour consists of boat cruise. The sailor must be a great entertainer because all the passengers had a great laugh at it, except me:( So it appears that lots of Czech jokes kept going on during the cruise and I felt like an idiot not to get it...  But the colors of water were just stunning!

In the next stop, you encounter terrific sceneries again and again. Simply amazing!

When your eyes are used to dim light condition, Macocha Abyss comes in sight. What a drastic change!

Then we all walked home...

No no, we went trekking after the tour.

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Visit to Moravian Karst

I was told many times by locals here that visiting Moravian Karst is one of the "must-do-things" while in Olomouc. Needless to say, trying the stinky local cheese, Olomoucké syrečky, is another one.

Zobrazit místo Moravský kras na větší mapě

Thanks to my colleagues with warm hospitality, the trip was well-arranged and all I did was just to follow them and have camera with me. It is located nearby Blansko. Well, I'd rather say it is north of Brno in the eastern part of Czech Republic.

Around the region, there are roughly 1,100 caves and four of them are open to public, according to Wiki. We went to Punkva caves, the most popular one, and Macocha Abyss. In order to take photos there, you are required to pay additional 40 CZK (equivalent to 2 USD) but it is worth it. I hope that my photos will be able to convince you to do so...

It's just bunch of breathtaking sceneries coming up one after another!!!

The tour is available only in Czech language unfortunately.

As you can imagine, it's pretty cold there.

 I would highly recommend to visit there if you have a chance.

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To be continued.