Tuesday, July 5, 2016

17 Years After NATO Bombing of Belgrade

In May, 1999 the heart of Belgrade was on fire. Several buildings such as Yugoslav Ministry of Defense, Avala TV tower (destroyed on 29th of April, 1999) as well as Chinese Embassy, were targeted by cruise missiles under the name of "Operation Allied Force - official NATO code name" or "Operation Noble Anvil - called by the US". In Yugoslavia the operation was incorrectly called "Милосрдни анђео (Merciful Angel in English)". Please see this link for background.

Former Yugoslav Ministry of Defense

Based upon this website, the demolition started in May, 2016. I am lucky to be able to eye-witness the ruins before it's fixed...

If you want to see NATO bombing scars in Belgrade, you gotta hurry up!!! 

The other side of street

To be continued...

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