Friday, August 26, 2016

National Assembly of Serbia

The National Assembly of The Republic of Serbia (ародна скупштина / Narodna skupština in Serbian) is the unicameral legislature of Serbia. The assembly is composed of 250 proportionally elected deputies by secret ballot, on 4 years term. 

The building is located on Nikola Pašić Square in downtown Belgrade, and is a notable landmark and tourist attraction in the city.

Between its completion in 1938 and 2006, it was the seat of the Parliament of Yugoslavia and later the Parliament of Serbia and Montenegro.

The house looks nicer at night when it's lit up!

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  1. シャンペンゴールドに輝き堂々かつ優雅に立っていますね。空爆されなくてよかったです。ご無沙汰しています。ブログの夏休みからボチボチ復帰です。まだ行ったことのないところの風景を楽しませいただいてます。


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