Friday, October 28, 2016

Czechoslovak Independence Day in 2016

This is getting to be my annual ritual ceremony of taking photos of military procession and fireworks on 28th October in Olomouc...

It is a public holiday in Czech Republic. Rather, it's an Independence day. On October 28th in 1918 Czechoslovakia declared its independence against Austro-Hungarian Empire.

As always, military procession started at 17:40, leaving from Horní náměstí and headed for Žižkově náměstí where the ceremony took place. 

Similar to last year, a young blonde boy soldier took the lead this year...

Happy Independence Day!

To be continued...

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  1. 日没直前(後?)の薄暗さの中でくっきり撮られ、素晴らしい迫力。まるで映画の一場面のようです。チェコ国かスロバキア国にお住まいなのですか? (私の頭の中ではチェコスロバキアのままで、あやうくチェコスロバキアに・・と書くところでした。)見物人もコートを着られて寒そうですね。関西ではようやく秋が深まってきました。



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