Monday, September 30, 2013

Hradisko Monastery

It's time to post photos taken in Olomouc.

Taken by infrared camera

It was my second visit to the Hradisko Monastery last weekend. The first visit was one week after my arrival in Olomouc (11 months ago). I had an appointment to see a doctor for health check and I was taken to this Monastery... Hradisko Monastery has been served as Military hospital since 1802, according to Wiki. Now it's open to non-soldiers.

While wondering "A Japanese citizen visiting Monastery to see a doctor???", doctor - aged over 80 with complete white hair - appeared and asked questions.

Doctor: How tall are you? 
Me: 173 cm

Doctor: Your weight? 
Me: 53.5 kg
Doctor: Oh, you are Bantamweight.  
He, who appears to belong to WBC Heavyweight class, must be lefty as his slow jab came from his right hand and left upper with a pen...

Doctor: What is your blood type?
Me: O

Doctor: Do you smoke?

Me: Never in my life.
Doctor: Very well.

He opened a book for color blindness test.

Doctor: Can you see the number?
I answered what was seen.

Doctor: OK, you can drive a car in Czech Republic if you have a driver's license. Have a good day, Bye bye.

He did not examine heart rate, blood pressure, no blood and urine tests, no X-ray, nothing but I was proven healthy... It was a bizarre experience, though the building was awesome.

Since my current apartment is located just across the river, I decided to visit there again. With camera not as a patient.


  1. Fascinating post and gorgeous photography for OWT ~ happy week to you. carol ^_^

  2. Love that infrared result! .... and what an intriguing "medical" you experienced! Thanks for sharing Yoshi.

  3. Wow - magnificent!

  4. Great photos and I love the story about your visit to the doctor!Have a great day!

  5. beautiful photography, love the editing on these


  6. Is that first phot infrared looks great, second is not bad either


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