Monday, October 28, 2013

Czechoslovak Independence Day

October 28th is the anniversary of the establishment of Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovak declared independence on 28th of October, 1918, against Austro-Hungarian Empire.

When it comes to celebrating Independence Day, having fireworks is mandatory. I found info regarding the celebration in Olomouc and went downtown with tripod.

I expected to see tons of national flags overwhelming the city but I was wrong... Rather I hardly see any national pride but the soldiers looked so cool.

The ceremony was solemn and took place at Žižkově náměstí.

Since this was my first time to be there, my positioning for shooting fireworks was so bad...

This is Our World: 28 October entry.

Have a wonderful week.


  1. Your black and white photos are excellent. Love the fireworks one, too. I guess my favorite is the one of hands, legs and feet.

  2. The boot photo above the fireworks is fierce and powerful... a wonderful composition Yoshi!

  3. Very good black and white photos. And the fireworks are amazing!

  4. Yoshiさん こんにちは。
    先頭を自信を持った面もちで歩く、逞しく可愛い女性 (*'ー'*)!
    男性より一歩下がって歩く女性が好まれる? 日本とは対照的で憧れます。
    それでも もし、軍靴の揃う音が響く日がきたなら、家で布団被って猫と寝てたい私です。

  5. モノクロ写真でピリッと画面がひきしまりますね。先頭の兵士が女性であることを、Anzuさんのコメントで初めて気がつきました^^;凛々しいですね。その後ろの女性たちも短いパンツにブーツと、ユニフォームのように思えますがパレード要員なのでしょうか。


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