Thursday, September 3, 2015

Brimham Rocks Part 2

This is part 2 entry of Brimham rocks in England.

As you're already aware of, I was blessed by the God of weather when I was there:) The sky was astonishingly blue and it was not so hot.

I guess that I had chuckles on my face and kept moving from one weird rock to another. 

The place is owned by National Trust, which is a conservation organization in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The place is part of the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Yes, I agree. The place is outstanding, indeed!!!

Although the place is owned by National Trust, entry is free of charge but car parking is charged if you're not a member of the National Trust. It's open all year round from 8 AM until dusk.

The place can be seen in BeeGee's video, "You Win Again (1987)

Well, I personally prefer "Stayin' Alive"

Variations of rock formations are caused by Milestone Grit being eroded by water, glaciation and wind, some of which have formed amazing shapes. Many formations have been named, though imagination and the correct viewing angle are required. 

Since it's very popular place among children, kids were everywhere.

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  1. More great photos of the rocks. I particularly like the textural qualities in the second one. The contrasts between the rock shapes and the beautiful blue sky is striking. It was a beautiful day for sure. I didn't know they featured in a BeeGee's video! But agree with you, Staying Alive is better :)


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