Friday, September 11, 2015

Unidentified Flying Object...

Please look carefully at two similar photos below and compare... I always take photos in RAW format and enjoy playing RAW image with photoshop, however, these two photos are straight out of my camera. I tell you that my photoshop skills aren't good enough to trick people. All I did was to shrink the image size and embed logo of this photoblog...

The above one was taken at 15:38 on xx of August, 2015 at St John the Baptist in Knaresborough, UK and the one below was at 15:56 on the same day at the same place with different angle...

I am a type of person who are very ignorant of spiritual matters or occults. I try to understand the universe based on science. I believe (or want to believe) that the floating thingy in the first photo was shaped due to multiple reflections of lights within lens (=camera lens flare) that appeared under particular light angle and source. 

I got down on my knees when I took the second photo. Nothing happened. Whew!!!!

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  1. Looking at this closely now I can see the pattern and lines of the arch reflected in the bottom of the 'shadow', 'flare' or whatever one wishes to call it. The colour also seems to be reflected from some of the colours on the stone pillars. I'm disappointed as I wanted it to be a ghostly spirit captured on camera. ::))


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