Monday, May 30, 2016

Bobrava river valley in Brno

My knees hurt!!!

In the morning on 29th of May (Saturday) I was in Brno hl.n. (main station) to join the monthly event organized by Marta, ambassador in Inter Nations Brno Community. It was my first time to join the event but I am glad that I did.

Community Ambassadors organize events monthly and the one in May was trekking along the Bobrava river in southern part of Brno... Altogether we had around 14-15 km pleasant walk, thanks to the nice weather.

Encountering animals and pretty flowers were refreshing and entertaining moments.

Besides, we had such a wonderful companion, female Siberian husky named Kira! She is very calm with wonderful personality. We all fell in love with Kira!

At last I would like to thank Marta and wonderful community members for providing me with such a wonderful opportunity to enjoy beautiful nature in spring!!!

More photos Marta took can be found here.

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